make me whole again
love me, hate me, just don't ignore me

1. She's cute and cuddly.
2. She's ditzy and can make you laugh.
3. She's insane!
4. She's got that really cool cat, Artemis!
5. Not that many people have shrines to her, so you can be unique.
6. Despite her connections to the goddess of Love,
she's not the one with a perfect love life.
7. She's never snooty, always kind.
8. She's the leader of the Inners!
9. Very helpful to her friends when they need her.
10. When she speaks English, you can understand her.


1. She's cute.
2. She's a ditz for Christsakes!
3. She's insane.
4. Pity Artemis.
5. Maybe there's a reason she's shrineless. -_-;;
6. She's beautiful though, so why complain about the love life?
7. Some people equate kindness with stupity.
8. Entirely too boy crazy.
9. She nearly kills her friends when they're sick.